Movember Enters Final Lap

Each week, we will be providing an update on how the Launch 3 Telecom team is doing in our mission to raise donations and awareness for men’s health during November.

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches and the end of the month is nearly upon us, our Movember campaign is nearly coming to an end. Almost one month later, some of our guys have successfully grown a dark mustache while others still have a light outline.

The beauty of this campaign is everybody’s mustache is unique but we share in the same cause. As of November 25th, the Launch 3 team has raised $554 in Movember for men’s health. Although the month is winding down, you still have time to contribute to this charity by visiting our Launch 3 Movember Team Page.

Another interesting aspect will be their Thanksgiving conversation surrounding their facial hair. It is expected that many family and friends will inquire about these mustaches over Thanksgiving dinner which opens up the conversation about men’s health. Many of the guys have been quoted as saying “I wonder how much turkey will get caught in my stache.”, “This is the first time my entire family has ever seen me with a mustaches.”, and “I’m already prepared for the jokes.”

Launch 3 has enjoyed this experience as it has built camaraderie as well as helped our fellow man. You can still donate to our Movember team by simply visiting our Launch 3 Movember Team Page. You can see how closely some of our mustaches resemble the famous facial hair of Walter Cronkite, Don Mattingly, and Freddie Mercury.