October’s Manufacturer of the Month: Alcatel-Lucent


Each month, Launch 3 Telecom will spotlight one of our many manufacturers.October’s manufacturer is: Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent, as we know it today, is the product of a merger in 2006 between Alcatel/AT&T and Lucent Technologies. As separate entities, the roots of these two companies stretch as far back as 1989 when Western Electric was formed by Elisha Gray and Enos Barton. Today, Alcatel-Lucent excels in areas of the telecom industry such as fixed, mobile, converged network hardware, and IP. This French manufacturer has locations in over 130 countries as well as ownership of Bell Laboratories, one of the largest communication development centers in the industry.

Alcatel began as Western Electric, one of the largest electrical manufacturing companies. Alexander Graham Bell took a vested interest in the enterprise and selected them as the exclusive developer and manufacturer of equipment for his telephone company. Over the next century, Alcatel would be involved in significant contributions to the industry such as the first American long distance television transmission, and the invention of the transistor, laser, and solar battery. By 1993, the company was thriving with a new name, Alcatel, and acquisitions of Telettra, AEG Kabel, and Nortel Networks.

Meanwhile in 1996, Lucent Technologies was formed from the divesture of AT&T Technologies. Their initial success as a multinational telecom equipment company led to acquisitions of Milpitas and Ascend Communications. By 2000, however, the company saw declines and began spinning off companies such as Avaya and Agere Systems.

At the same time, Alcatel was thriving with acquisitions of Newbridge, Astral Point Communications, and eDial. During the period of 6 years prior to the actual merger, there were always rumors about a potential Alcatel and Lucent merger. The two merged in 2006 and began a new venture for the company. The range of equipment developed after the merger covers many facets of technological advancement. Some of the significant networking equipment consists of products such as the 1850 TSS, 7300 ASAM, 7750 SR-12, and 7450 ESS. Some of the significant microwave equipment consists of MDR 8000, 950 MPR, and 7250 SAS. In recent years, this manufacturer suffered some financial setbacks as they needed to make job cuts to as many as 10,000 employees. They were able to make a turn-around thanks to their increased role in small cells with the 9760 Small Cell and the 9360 Small Cell.

Alcatel-Lucent has remained one of the leading manufacturers and innovators in the telecom industry as they enhance IP and cloud networking, ultra-broadband fixed access, and wireless access. Launch 3 Telecom can provide all these types of equipment by Alcatel-Lucent. For more information, contact Launch 3 at 877-878-9134 or email sales@launch3.net.