MasTec Makes Acquisition of WesTower

mastec-inc-logoMastec Inc. has recently decided to purchase WesTower Communications Inc. of East Syracuse, NY for $200 million.  Canada’s Exchange Income Corporation has owned WesTower since 2011 and has decided to make this significant deal.

WesTower is a company that performs tower maintenance and construction and is one of the members of AT&T’s turf vendor program, along with MasTec. Meanwhile, MasTec is a public-based telecommunications company whose purpose is to provide infrastructure engineering and construction to sites within the United States, as well as globally.  They have been in business for over 10 years and have built up a highly dependable reputation.

Why WesTower?  The company has extremely talented employees who will bring their skills to MasTec and they will allow for an increased market penetration.  WesTower also helps MasTec expand geographically into new regions, increasing business and therefore revenue.

WesTower is not the first company MasTec has acquired.  They have been buying up other smaller companies for the past few years.  It is helping them to expand both their skills and customer reach.

AT&T’s turf vendor program serves as a different way to provide cell tower maintenance and equipment, compared to other top carriers.  AT&T chooses top contractors to take care of their networks within each covered region.  Both MasTec and WesTower are AT&T turf vendors because they are such reliable companies.  MasTec took advantage of this opportunity to buy up WesTower, a small but powerful company, in order to better their own company as well as eliminate competition.

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