LTE Service in the Great Outdoors

cell tower on farmOne of the most notorious locations for poor phone service is on camping grounds in the middle of the woods. Many campers set up their tents and ignite a fire before they realize that their phone has been searching for service the whole time. Your cell phone will continue to search for the closest cell site in the area unless you set it to airplane mode or turn it off. Leaving it on the normal mode will quickly eat away at your battery. In essence, your standard communication methods from home are completely cut off. But is there a solution on the way?

Many would argue that part of the charm of camping is that you are cut off from technology. Others would say a cell tower has no place in an area intended for visual beauty. However, the problem with such poor phone service is the unexpected dangers that could present themselves. If a camper becomes lost in the woods, they would have no way of alerting someone to find them.

Cooperstown, NY is a perfect example of a rural camping location with a lot of holes in their mobile service. More commonly known for the Baseball Hall of Fame, many people also travel to this area for camping trips. The camp sites themselves pick up little to no signals. However, a sign of the significance of phones has forced many campgrounds to now provide free Wi-Fi service.  It shows the effort that camp ground owners are putting in but the reliability of their Wi-Fi is very weak. Unless you’re in a perfect location, the free Wi-Fi will provide no help.

In addition, once you travel on the country roads, you will be able to pick up a signal of 3G service. For those who do not appreciate the speed and reliability of 4G LTE, trying to use 3G will show you how significantly far we have come in upgrading wireless speeds. Once you’re in the heart of town, you will no longer have any problems getting 4G LTE service as there is a bigger concentration of people located there.

Cooperstown is just one example of a rural location that suffers from temperamental mobile service. Many other rural towns either don’t get these problems addressed or protest against cell tower constructions because of the typical perception issues. One would expect there is a middle ground that can be met for addressing the poor phone quality out in the woods while preserving the purpose and purity of camping.

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