Less is More for Data Centers

data centerThe landscape of data centers is likely to see a change over the next few years. According to analysts from IDC, the number of data centers is likely to see a decrease by 2017. Although this might sound like bad news, it is the quality of the data centers that will be bolstered. With technology advancing, super-sized off-site facilities will be growing. So despite the number of sites lowering, the total space will continue to climb.

So what exactly is the source of the shift to Super-Sized Data Centers? The answer comes down to growing data volume and flexible computing resources. More companies are coming to the realization that their own facilities cannot support the demanding need that off-site data centers are capable of.

For Data Centers, bigger is better and less is more. The number of data centers is expected to climax to 8.6 million in 2017 and then proceed to fall. Meanwhile, data center space will rise from 1.58 billion square feet in 2013 to 1.94 billion square feet by 2018.

Another reason for off-site data centers would be eliminating the stress. It is easier to let people who specialize in the area focus on it and let businesses focus on their own company goals. Ultimately, this technique could prove to be more cost-effective. The only real risk is could be in regards to security and ownership.

According to Jeff Clark, editor of the Data Center Journal, “Right now, the trend is definitely toward centralization of IT resources into the hands of a smaller number of providers instead of numerous companies across industries.”

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