A Launch 3 Halloween Poem


Once upon a midnight dreary,

Launch 3 procured, weak and weary,

While I worked hard, sorting and scrapping,

suddenly there came a tapping,

As if someone gently rapping, rapping at my warehouse door.

“It’s a recycler,” I mumbled, “Pickup of eWaste—

Only this and nothing more.”


But as I rapidly marched over by the main dock,

I suddenly realized it was nearly 12 o’clock.

With no truck in sight, only RET cables by the door,

I thought “Perhaps the tower climbers and nothing more”.


I returned to my desk to sell more Ericsson equipment,

But suddenly I faced another puzzling predicament.

For once again I heard a knocking,

perhaps some inventory for restocking,

And as I dubiously walked to the warehouse door,

I saw only Alcatel-Lucent parts lying on the floor,

I said “Perhaps a delivery, only this and nothing more.”


And as I walked back again I couldn’t help but shout,

The phone service was gone and the power went out.

But the thing about Launch 3, we always take action,

Whether cell site services, repair, or a product transaction.


With power supplies, networking gear, and a hard working crew,

Electronics were restored and not a thing was askew.

It unquestionably became a frightening October night

As the dark evening gave way to the warm morning light.


Yet again a loud banging occurred at the door,

But I expected the results I had gotten before.

This time a truck was there ready for equipment,

I was relieved to be making a Powerwave shipment.

As the driver pulled away and I stood by the door,

I couldn’t help thinking, “It was all in my head, only this and nothing more.”