Launch 3 Telecom’s Testing Facility

EggRescueCellTowerNestOne of the many services that Launch 3 offers our customers is the ability to test used equipment. Our company has an in-house facility to guarantee that all equipment is fully functional and will perform at peak potential.

Among the numerous types of equipment we test are Antennas, TMAs, Diplexers, Couplers, and Jumpers. Manufacturers of tested equipment include Andrew, Kathrein-Scala, Powerwave, RFS, Ericsson, NSN, and Alcatel-Lucent.

We are able to perform Sweep Testing on all of these parts. Tests determine if the equipment transmits and receives signals according to design specifications and are ready for usage. LTE base station equipment is tested for compatibility with LTE and UMTS.

Furthermore, Bias-T is utilized to setting the DC bias point of electronic components without disturbing other components. Determining the Milliamp totals will help us conclude the source of equipment that would be faulty, if any.

Our RET Control Unit (RCU) can also perform testing for defining the RET Cable and RET Motor. This process is capable of determining their functionality. The parts used to test RET cables and motors include the Kathrein-Scala 860-10046, Andrew ATC300-1000, and Andrew ATC200-LITE-USB.

All results of sweep testing are made available to our customers upon request or purchase. Our high-quality testing equipment and trained technicians guarantee accurate results. This is a very valuable service that we are proud to have been offering our customers.

For more information about our testing facility and capabilities, contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134 or email