Launch 3 Becomes one of NATE’s “STARs”

NATE-STAR-Initiative-Logo3-594x255-550x236When it comes to tower services, Launch 3 is growing into one of the best in the industry. Launch 3 has recently been approved to participate in NATE’s Star Initiative Program which is a program designed to focus on Safety, Training, Accountability and Reliability… (Also known as STAR). Launch 3 joins a class of 134 participating companies which is a record high for the program.

The significance of participating in the STAR program is it allows our company to helps us improve our business practices as well as become better acclimated to tower regulations. This is accomplished through training, site safety audits, and an enactment of a safety program.

Safety is a big concern to due to the dangerous heights that climbers reach. Launch 3 gladly adheres to the rules and procedures that are regulated by NATE. This organization recognizes companies that put out a conscious effort to meet safety guidelines.

“STAR Initiative participants are providing a vital contribution toward our mutual goal of creating a safe working environment for tower industry workers so they can return home safely each night” said NATE Chairwoman Pat Cipov.

Launch 3 appreciates an opportunity to participate in a program that not only makes our company better but, as a whole, makes the industry better as well. Launch 3 Telecom is dedicated to improving mobile networks with superior equipment as well as excellent tower services such as installation, decommissioning, repair, and maintenance. If interested in buying and selling telecom equipment or services, please contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134, or email us at