Italy Seeks Out Juniper Technology

juniperTelecom Italia is the top company in Italy and currently seeking out Juniper Networks technology in order to better their service and equipment.  Though they are based in Italy, they have active connections with areas worldwide including South America.

Telecom Italia is specifically interested in improving their service for customers.  They plan to uses Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers for their PoP infrastructure.  This product serves as an edge services aggregation node, also known as a service hub.

These Juniper routers offer Telecom Italia a way to use software-defined networking (SDN) to bring together the physical and virtual networks they have.  Juniper Networks has been working on SDN and NFV networking technology that will now bring Telecom Italia a more up-to-date, enhanced, and efficient network.

Juniper Network’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Mike Marcellin, stated, “Telecom Italia’s selection of Juniper’s MX Series to evolve the service PoP will help provide a High-IQ network that is massively scalable and automated to enable rapid service provisioning. We’re thrilled they chose to test Juniper Networks Contrail to help create a dynamic services environment.”

Both Telecom Italia and Juniper Networks are benefiting from this connection.  Italy is getting the preferred service they need and Juniper is getting international expansion and business.  This is something companies work very hard to achieve, and Juniper’s technological innovation has fortunately attracted Telecom Italia.

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