Commscope Improves Indoor DAS with ION-E

CommScope-adds-new-architecture-for-in-building-wireless-systemsThe Mobile World Congress saw the unveiling of Commscope’s newest innovation for indoor wireless infrastructure. Commercial real estate wireless service has quietly become an issue that needs to be addressed. When you take into consideration that 30 billion square meters of global commercial real estate exist, the fact that only 2% of that space is covered with a dedicated indoor wireless network is puzzling.

One would think that the numbers wouldn’t be so eye-popping for a technological world where people demand more dependable and faster data speeds. The workplace relies on the internet to ensure tasks get completed. This new advancement embraces the idea of small cells yet with a noticeable improvement.

The ION-E makes DAS simple by combining the local area and wide area networks while bringing together the capability and adjustability of cloud RAN. A word that says a lot about the ION-E is “multi” because of its multi-band, multi-operator and multi-technology capabilities. In addition, it comes with a standard IT cabling infrastructure typical to most commercial buildings. The benefit of having a system like this is it serves both wireless operators and business enterprises.

“IT people who are not as familiar with RF networks will find the equipment intuitive and simple while being able to scale the ION-E to any building and flexibly support any wireless technology.” said Morgan Kurk, senior vice president of Wireless at CommScope.

Unlike indoor wireless technologies of the past, potential complications can now be avoided. Licensed wireless and power plus Gigabit Ethernet join forces for Wi-Fi into a unified wireless network. The size of the buildings that it can support ranges from 5,000 to 500,000 square meters. The range goes beyond simply adjusting to space layouts and user repositioning, but deploys a standard grid approach that rapidly adjusts to changing frequencies.  Additionally, structured cabling systems used by IT installers make implementation, user interface, and configuration stress-free.

An innovative product like this will certainly improve the flexibility and smoothness of business internet. That lowly 2% will easily rise over the coming years with a product dedicated to interior wireless networks. Although Europe has gotten the first crack at the ION-E after MWC, the global release is expected during the second half of 2014.

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