Interview with Dr Bridgette “Gette” Hester, founder of the Hubble Foundation

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Launch 3 is always proud to share insight about the wireless industry. Wade Sarver, a professional in the industry for 25 years, writes blogs about issues surrounding cell towers and was kind enough to let us share his knowledge with our readers.

OK, listen to the podcast (Part 1 Podcast or Download, Part 2 podcast or downloadbecause Gette covers so much in this time. I had to break it into 2 podcasts. Just listen to both to hear Gette give her view of the industry and her passion. If you have ever been on a tower forum or on Facebook’s tower groups then you know Gette, she is taking care of the climbers the best way she knows how.

Gette talks about her mission in life, the Hubble Foundation, which is there to support tower climbers that need help. Not only the fallen climber’s families, but the climbers that may need help to see their families or maybe the families need someone to talk to or maybe the children of the fallen need scholarship money. Gette is doing all of this with the help of her husband. Thank GOD we have people like this that are driven to help beyond what any normal person would or could do. Gette has a book that explains why that passion burns so deep in her. You see, she lost her husband to a horrific tower collapse years ago. This was something that changed her life in so many ways. I won’t get into it but if you want to know exactly what happen then get her book, Godwink: On the Wings of Butterflies for an explicit description. It’s too painful to talk about here.

We also discuss the training that is offered today and how the industry has boomed. This is good for work but the carriers going out to the lowest bidder and the explosion of work has led to many fatalities due to companies taking shortcuts and inexperienced people trying to do the work. OSHA just doesn’t have the manpower to support this effort because they generally look at the tower climbing industry as a small industry.

Something that I bring up is how little the carriers have given to this cause. I think that Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile could spare a few dollars to support the families who lost a someone to a horrific accident while building their systems out. Maybe building one of the new LTE systems, the 3G systems, or even the backhaul. Recently a young man was lost working for a carrier. While they were very helpful at the time, what about the devastation that is left behind when a wage earner in a family is suddenly gone? You have an emotional loss and a financial loss at the same time. A lost love is something that will not be replaced and can destroy families instantly. Thank GOD for Gette who works so hard to reach out to these families to comfort them and pull them back together. I just think the carriers could help the Hubble Foundation by giving a few dollars to this tax-deductible charity that cares to deeply for the people who build the wireless systems.


Hubble Foundation and go to the donate section where you can donate a tax-deductible donation or buy something from the store. Facebook for more support. They have tickets left for the car giveaway that you need to get in on, so go to the Hubble Foundation website and get some tickets to win a Mustang!

Godwink: On the Wings of Butterflies

The cover has Mike V’s hand on it with a butterfly. Pretty cool photo.


PA Wireless Association, <a href=" vente viagra sans” target=”_blank”> is a group that really helped Gette out with the fundraising aspect. Then the following groups pitched in;


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