Infiltration of Crown Castle’s Fiber Optic Network

crown castle logoCrown Castle is a growing company that provides telecom equipment and services to various major carriers in the industry, including Verizon Wireless.  Cinco Ranch – in Texas – was recently in need of better network coverage for their Verizon subscribers.  As a solution, Crown Castle came in and installed multiple fiber optic antennas.

This antenna system is becoming more popular because it replaces the need for cell towers, which are extremely inconvenient.  Towns and cities can never agree on where and when to build cell towers because they are tall and unappealing to future residents of the area.  Fiber optic antennas are an easy solution to all of these problems.  They are made up of small cells and attach to pre-existing structures.  DAS systems are just as sufficient as cell towers, but with just a little less power.

Crown Castle’s fiber optic antenna system is the perfect option for Cinco Ranch, especially since there are property limitations stating that cell towers cannot be built there.  This DAS system option is ideal for them and other locations with similar factors in place.

The antennas provide Verizon customers in the area with XLTE and enhanced LTE data options and overall better network coverage.  Other carriers, such as AT&T, are starting to like the idea of fiber optic antennas and the use of small cells instead of cell towers.  It saves everyone installation time and money, and brings convenience to all subscribers and residents in the area.

Launch 3 Telecom helps provide improved technology for serving customer convenience through DAS and small cell.  This technology is growing fast within the industry and Launch 3 can provide you with various products and services that boost your network coverage but avoid new cell tower construction at the same time.  Launch 3 has worked closely with Verizon, AT&T and other top carriers.  If interested in buying or selling equipment or using our services for improving network coverage and capacity, please contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134, or email us at