Huawei Supply Chain Going Green

Huawei_logoFor some equipment providers, it might be enough to run a widely successful company. However, Huawei feels it can further contribute to helping our environment through efforts to push a greener supply chain.

The plan is to limit the carbon footprints of Huawei, their supply chain partners, and their customers. The plan to achieve further environmental success is expanding from 24 suppliers to cover more suppliers gradually. By doing so, this will encourage environmental performance becoming a criterion for future business partnerships. They are also investing over $5 billion in research and development to improve environmental performance.

Huawei’s efforts to go green have already proven successful in the past. They have been taking conscience efforts since 2013 to lower energy consumption. It has proven effective as it has reduced energy consumption by 42 million kWh in 2013. These efforts are comparable to reducing 30,000 tons of carbon emissions.

In addition, the power consumption of their network equipment in 2013 dropped as low as 40% in a customer’s network. Huawei also has the distinction of being named one of China’s Top 100 Green Companies. Ideally, they would like to be producing equipment that is fully recyclable as well.

Having a green outlook is not only helpful to the earth; it bolsters the reputation of a company as being environmentally responsible. Ultimately, their strides to reduce emissions and consume energy will be fruitful for both Huawei and the earth.

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