Huawei Expected to Ship 400,000 Small Cell Units

Huawei is expecting to ship over 400,000 small cell units in 2015 said Yuefeng Zhou, president of the small cell product line, at this week’s Mobile World Congress held in Shanghai, China.

HuaweiThe telecommunications company is seeking to expand the potential for 4.5G and 5G
wireless capabilities, and Zhou believes that small cells will be the contributing factor in future deployments. These wireless networks will improve mobile broadband, especially in areas of high demand such as shopping malls, train stations or large cities.

Nearly one-third of the units are being shipped to China, Huawei’s largest customer in terms of revenue and units shipped. The boon in 4G networks in China and other countries in the region have contributed to the success of the small business sector. Zhou said the Asian market was their “largest market globally.”

While Zhou expects the markets in China and South Korea to stabilize over time, he anticipates the sector will continue to grow in other markets, as Huawei concentrate’s their efforts on industries in the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe.

Recently, Huawei has been collaborating with the European Union’s 5G Infrastructure Association, a Public Private Partnership hoping to achieve 5G network capability in Europe by 2020. The telecom equipment manufacturer has been acting as board member and main contributor of resources in the development of a secure, reliable, zero-latency internet connection, and leading up to the creation of smart cities.

“Building fruitful alliances will be key to bringing us closer to transforming our vision of 5G into a global standard,” explained Wen Ton, CTI at Huawei Wireless. “Europe has huge potential for boosting 5G development by federating efforts, and the 5G-PPP is a good illustration of this approach.”

Besides the manufacturing and distribution of small cells, Huawei will be a leading contributor to four of the five key 5G areas in the Horizon 2020 Framework Program. These areas include mobile and wireless communications enablers, flexible air interface for scalable service delivery, millimeter-wave-based mobile radio access networks, dynamic reconfigurable optical-wireless back-haul/front-haul with cognitive control plane for small cells and cloud-RANs, and exchange multi-domain orchestration for software-defined infrastructures.

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