What is a Guyed Tower?

NJ07289A_ (30)The telecom industry is known to use a lot of jargon. There are actually a variety of different cell tower types installed for wireless purposes.  In order to better educate our customers, we will help define the tower type referred to as a Guyed Tower.

A Guyed Tower is a cell tower that is built with straight rods aligned in a triangular form but supported with wires at all angles. The wires attach from the pole to the ground to keep the weight balanced. These specific wires are known as Guy Wires which are designed to sustain light to heavy antenna weights.

Typically, Guyed Towers are very tall and can reach heights as high as 2,000 ft. There are also a variety of guyed tower types. A Partially Guyed Tower can be mounted on top of a stable tower structure of a different variety. Meanwhile, an Additionally Guyed Tower is a tower that has added wires holding up the tower to support it.

In addition to cellular use, all of these towers can serve for radio and television purposes. Guyed Towers are ideal for rural customers who require maximum height and cost-effective construction. Many of the manufacturers who produce these towers include Nello, Saber, Rohn, Trylon, Valmont, and more.

Launch 3 Telecom provides the wireless infrastructure that is installed on a Guyed Tower. We supply Antennas, TMAs, RET Cables, and much more. In addition, we have experienced and certified tower technicians who perform installation, maintenance, and testing. For more information about our products and services, please contact us at 877-878-9134 or email sales@launch3.net.