Google Fiber’s Plans to Expand

fiberGoogle Fiber has been around for almost one year now and cities nationwide are getting anxious.  They want to know when they will have access to the fast speeds and reliability.  Obviously these desperate customers have Internet connection and Wi-Fi, so why do they want Google Fiber?

Google Fiber offers extremely fast Internet, approximately 100 times faster than your average broadband connections.  Not only are Internet speeds noticeably better, but download speeds and TV connection are also a major enhancement that comes with Google Fiber.  It even reaches 1000 Mbps whereas others nearly reach 50 Mbps.

Google Fiber is currently in three cities across the United States, which includes Provo, Kansas City, and Austin and inn the near future it will be reaching Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham.  The cities of Portland, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and San Antonio are all anxiously waiting for plans to be establishes in their locations for Google Fiber availability.

Google cannot just pick a city and set up their network.  They have to consult with city planners and leaders to see how to incorporate the network and build efficiently and safely.  Once approved, designs must be made and then construction can begin.  After all of that work is finalized, customers can sign up and eagerly await their installation day and time.  Google Fiber will soon provides millions of more people across the United States with the speedy connection our country is demanding in this day and age.  Technological advances are coming quickly and consumers are moving right along side them.

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