GCI Gains Complete Ownership of Alaska Wireless Network

cgi alaska blogAlaska Communications (ASC) has been sold to General Communications, Inc. (GCI) for $300 million.  This deal came at a great time for Alaska Communications who is currently in debt.  The $300 million will lower their debt and allow them to shift their focus to broadband services.  As for General Communications, Inc., they will now make up the entirety of the Alaska wireless network and therefore all of its subscribers.

In 2013, GCI and ACS partnered together in order to form the Alaska wireless network. GCI previously owned about two-thirds of the Alaska wireless network, but with this new deal, they will control it all.  ACS has retail stores in various locations, which will stay open until the end of 2015’s first quarter – when the transactions between ACS and GCI will be finalized.  Until then, the stores will continue to operate and then GCI will decide what they want to do with them; some have already closed down.

In order to ensure ACS’s total customer satisfaction, they have made sure that the transition to GCI ownership will not affect the service subscribers are paying for.  They are handling this deal extremely well and are even using this opportunity to gear their focus and services to the advancement of broadband and managed IT solutions.  This new focus will help their company to rise up again and improve their overall value.  ACS has already gained business since they announced their shift on focus from wireless business to broadband.

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