Five Notable Moments in Telecom History

  1. 1874: Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.Alexander_Graham_Bell

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in July of 1874 at his parent’s house near Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Although invented in 1874, the first sounds weren’t transmitted over the phone until June 2nd, 1875. The first phone call didn’t take place until 1876 and was between Bell and Thomas A. Watson. The phone call consisted of Bell saying, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.”


  1. 1915: The first coast to coast phone call is made between Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson.

The call was from Bell in New York City to Watson in San Francisco.

  1. 1973: April 3rd, 1973 marks the day when Martin Cooper, a Motorola engineer, Martin_Cooperplaced the first cell phone call.

Coopers first phone call was to a rival company to tell them that he was calling from a mobile phone. The phone he was calling from weighed 1.1 kilograms and was bigger than 10 of today’s phones combined. Even more astounding is that to use the phone for 30 minutes, it had to be charged for 10 hours.





  1. 1992: IBM invented the first smart phone. The Simon Personal Communicator was not what we think of today when we hear the words “smart phone”.

First_SmartphoneThe phone had a touch screen and was email capable along with a few other “features” but beyond those functions, was just your average mobile phone.Simon was available for $899 on contract or $1099 (equal to $1,871.34 today) without one. Simon had a few “apps” but nothing like the app store we have today. The applications included an address book, calculator, fax, filer, email, note pad, sketchpad, clock, and to-do list.




  1. 1998: Birth of Broadband by Leroy Stockero in Lexington Park, Maryland.

Although invented in 1998 broadband was not introduced to
the public until 1999. USA network broadcasting company hired Stockero and bought his dial up ISP on a contract to incorporate Internet with cable and in effect, broadband was born. Broadband