Final Days of Movember

Each week, Launch 3 has been providing a Movember update highlighting the status of Lee’s moustache for charity. We also provide up-to-date information on his mission of raising $1,000 for men’s health.

As we approach the end of Movember, it’s time to soak in Lee’s moustache one last time as we’re sure we will not see it again until next Movember. Even though it took a few weeks, he eventually stopped distracting co-workers with his lip rug and pulled off the moustache look.

However, when the clock strikes midnight on December 1st, he will become clean shaven once again, much to the relief of his wife.  Lee didn’t quite reach the caliber of a Salvador Dali or Rollie Fingers moustache, but according to him “It was an enjoyable experience for a great cause”.

Most importantly, it served as a fun way to generate buzz about the fight against Prostate Cancer and supporting men’s health research. Lee has currently raised $537 during this month. Launch 3 Telecom will be matching this donation once all the final donations are in, bringing Lee’s grand total up to $1,072. Also, this means that Lee accomplished his goal of raising $1,000. There is still time left to make a contribution to this charitable cause by visiting Lee’s Movember Page and making a donation. Any dollar amount will be greatly appreciated by men everywhere.

As we wrap up Movember, Launch 3 Telecom, Lee, and some of his famous moustache friends would like to wish everybody a happy and healthy Thanksgiving:

lee & friends