FCC Violations Make RF Impact

FCC-Tower-Antenna-1Cellular Sites are rapidly popping up throughout the U.S. to meet the growing demands for 4G LTE service. Many rules and standards need to be complied with according to the FCC when these sites are being deployed. A recent study discovered that rules designed to restrict RF impact from antennas have not exactly been followed.

The study showed that 1 out of 10 cell sites did not have the proper barricades and signage, according to FCC rules, that warn citizens to not approach the area. The even more shocking part, only 2 citations have been handed out since this rule was implemented in 1996.

It seems only natural that mobile operators end up making the proper changes immediately once violations are called into light. Verizon has made an agreement with the FCC to monitor sites accused of RF violations. Meanwhile, T-Mobile installed warning signs once lawn chairs were spotted in close proximity to one of their cell sites.

Despite changes after the fact, it is important that these FCC rules are followed beforehand and not sparked by a wide range of violations. Many times, the violations are due to property owners and residents being concerned about aesthetics or devaluing their personal property.

Situations like this raise the concern over RF radiation exposure. The FCC seems to be downplaying the likelihood of experiencing any health risks due to these violations. Cellular antennas deployed in rooftop locations are more likely to expose people to greater RF levels than those located on the ground. Workers dealing directly with antennas are encouraged to use RF monitors and receive special training. Ultimately, it is best to prevent people from coming close to these cellular antennas if they do not need to. In light of the violation results, the FCC will need to put their foot down to reinforce proper signage and protection of these cell sites.

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