FCC Helps Set the Stage for 5G

stroy                With the anticipation of 5G technology, the FCC is taking steps toward finding answers. They are attempting to discover extremely high-band spectrum frequencies and in what manner they could be utilized. By performing research into spectrum capabilities above 24 GHz, developments can be made to improve wireless services.

Due to technology advancing so rapidly, sources of new spectrum need to be explored and developed. It is the hope of the FCC that 5G will offer progression in speed, coverage, capacity, and latency. We can expect 5G to provide speeds presently enjoyed only by those with fiber-optic connections to the internet backbone.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said “Early studies show that these new technologies can ultimately facilitate a throughput of up to 10 Gigabits/second, a speed that is orders of magnitude greater than that available today. Our effort here is to learn about the technology and ensure a regulatory environment where these technologies can flourish.”

Meanwhile, companies are pleased to promote themselves as having 5G systems on the horizon. However, the reality is that we won’t be seeing anything solid in 5G until at least 2020. Additionally, there really hasn’t been anything groundbreaking since vendors are approaching 5G as merely an extension of 4G.

This research into spectrum beyond 24 GHz only proves further how they are looking to build off of 4G rather than create something new. Things to consider are that many physical network technologies are approaching their limits. The real test is in enabling different platforms to work collectively as a whole. They will need to be predominantly software-controlled yet flexible to support varying degrees of usage ranging from low bandwidth to super-HD video.

5G won’t be around for a while. So until then, Launch 3 Telecom can provide equipment used by current 4G network providers. If you are interested in AntennasRET Cables, or other equipment used in a cell tower build, contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134 or email sales@launch3.net.