Fastest Broadband Ever?

12065214-leased-lines-the-efficient-and-reliable-connection-for-your-business-needsAlcatel-Lucent and BT have come together to achieve what they believe to be the fastest broadband ever. Even more intriguing is that it has been accomplished using existing broadband infrastructure technology. So what does this mean for consumers?

Through testing in real-world environments, the speeds reached up to 1.4 terabits per second. This was achieved at a distance between central London and Ipswich. To understand the full capabilities, this new broadband would allow 44 HD movies to be transmitted in a single second. In addition, high-speed broadband can improve access and efficiency of healthcare, education and business. There is strong hope of maximizing the productivity of the current infrastructure and eluding expensive upgrades.

“It’s a reaction to the growth in demand for video content,” said Foad Fadaghi, director of technology at Telsyte. “It’s about reducing the cost of carrying vast amounts of data over the coming years.”

Alcatel-Lucent’s optical marketing leader feels the correlation of building a faster broadband infrastructure is similar to that of clearing up a traffic jam. The key is being flexible to utilize the fibre space properly. Comparable to opening an extra lane of traffic for cars to pass through, clearing larger spaces for video while using smaller spaces for webpages is a functional way of optimizing speed.

Although the quicker speeds and amount of simultaneous transferable data will be innovative; don’t expect to see a change right away as it may take a few years to institute. In addition, it is significant to point out that the tests were conducted on the backhaul network and does not parallel to the speeds users would obtain at home.

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