Fake Cell Towers are a Reality

cell towerRecently, the idea of fake cell towers has caught the attention of the American public. Perhaps what we have assumed is just another cell tower is actually an imposter. The real questions are how these fake cell towers are popping up and yet nobody knows how they appeared or what their purpose is?

Fortunately, we are here to help clarify this situation. The fake cell towers were first identified by a GSMK CryptoPhone 500. This phone was built for intensified mobile security and successfully identified multiple interceptor towers.

The big reason people are concerned about these fake towers popping up is that if your phone connects to a fake cell tower, operator of the tower can then listen to calls, intercept text messages, and deliver fake text messages to your phone. Additionally, you could monitor and track the location of a mobile phone.

There has not been any confirmation about who owns these fake towers but there has been plenty of speculation. A likely source could be law enforcement looking to feed on citizens’ cell phone location and activity for criminal reasons. The fake cell towers could utilize this technology for situations ranging from stolen phones to murder. Criminal gangs have also been identified as a potential suspect in order to blast spam messages. China has fallen victim to a situation very similar to this.

Some other curious suspects could be foreign spies in order to spy on Americans. However, one would have to think that the U.S. government would be on top of this. Not to mention, foreign spies would likely have better technology so that it would not be identified by an advanced cell phone. And then there’s the possibility of our own government spying on us. However, the fact is they are already dong this through carrier networks and wiretapping.

Although we still do not have a clear answer on the purpose and possession of these fake towers, it is clear that they are serving a purpose. It is likely that everyone from the NSA to the police are taking part in the advantages of this secret technology.

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