Ericsson Expands their Presence in India

errrricsonEricsson, a Swedish telecommunication giant, has made an agreement with Bharti Airtel, India’s leading telecommunications carrier.  Ericsson will be providing them with top-of-the-line 4G-network equipment, including their base stations.  This deal allows for the countries first use of FDD-LTE technology.

Bharti Airtel has high-speed data service capabilities that run on an 1800 MHz band.  But now by using Ericsson’s FDD-LTE technology, they can bring more 4G networking into India.

Ericsson’s technology is a hot commodity due to their reputation as a leading manufacturer.  Companies worldwide are looking to use Ericsson to back their systems, improve their network, enhance their services, and grow their company.  India has recently been working on improving their network capabilities, which have been known to only provide successful 2G and 3G networking.  Ericsson is now helping them conquer 4G technologies efficiently.

Bharti Airtel has picked up on Ericsson’s deal with Idea Cellular and other companies, and now wants Ericsson’s services as well.  Idea Cellular wanted Ericsson to assist their real-time charging for their post-paid subscribers.  Ericsson has the technology needed to provide subscriber broadband services including triple-play, Wi-Fi using a unified IP transport and VPNs, and 2G, 3G, and 4G network capabilities.

By Ericsson making all these new deals in India, they are helping themselves spread their customer base and expand their technology worldwide, as well as help countries who are slightly behind in network technology.  Ericsson is clearly the best choice because of their history assisting various top companies worldwide.  Their services are incomparable.

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