Ericsson: Antenna Integrated Radio Unit (AIR21/AIR32)

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ericsson air antenna integrated radio KRC1180461 launch 3 telecom
Launch 3 Telecom profiles the Ericsson antenna integrated radio unit (AIR).

Looking for an all-in-one antenna and radio unit?

Ericsson’s AIR is a revolutionary line of antenna integrated radio units, perfect for facilitating 3G/4G LTE upgrades.

Based on a uniquely compact design, the antenna and radio unit will also cut energy consumption and installation time drastically.

Ulf Ewaldsson, Vice President and Head of Product Area Radio at Ericsson, says: “AIR will not only cut operational costs substantially, but it will also ensure a smooth introduction of new technologies and frequency bands.”

The AIR line features interchangeable parts that make maintaining your cell cite a breeze.

For example, a new standard band can easily be introduced by simply adding AIR and swapping the existing antenna.  Furthermore, AIR has fewer units and fewer interconnections compared to traditional solutions, which leads to shorter installation time.

The latest in Ericsson technology can be seen in the AIR21 and AIR32, which is utilized in sites for top global carriers.

T-Mobile USA, which is rolling out an impressive 4G LTE network, is the first North American contract for Ericsson’s Antenna Integrated Radio (AIR) solution, according to an official press release.

Ericsson AIR has deployed LTE in key T-Mobile USA markets with Release 10 capable hardware. This includes transformations of GSM, WCDMA and HSPA+ sites, making them the pinnacles of efficiency as compared to other sites.

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