Denver Broncos and AT&T score a Cell Coverage Victory

denver-broncos-phoneshot-v3The Denver Broncos have been playing like a championship-caliber team in 2013. Last week, they scored another victory by launching an upgraded Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at their home stadium, Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

As part of the move for better cell coverage across the NFL, AT&T and the Broncos have joined forces to boost capacity by three times at Sports Authority Field with an advanced wireless system. The $10 million upgrade will provide the equivalent of 11 cell towers for better service within the stadium as well as in the parking lot. This is the largest amount of coverage of any location in Colorado.

To ensure coverage for fans in every section, AT&T installed 325 directional antennas in discreet locations such as on overhangs, handrails and in other subtle locations around the stadium. This is not the first time that the Denver Broncos have worked with a carrier to improve cell coverage; with Verizon participating in a similar process in 2011.

Updating the AT&T service is expected to be beneficial to both sides as 40 percent of the nearly 80,000 fans that attend each home game are AT&T subscribers. There has also been a new trend as upload data has outweighed download data by a 60-40 margin. Fans are not using their phone as a distraction but rather as a way to be involved and share their perspective.

“Tweeting, Facebooking, watching back play by plays should be much easier. It will just make fans feel like they are more a part of the big game than ever,” Vice President of AT&T’s Mountain Region Jenifer Robertson said.

Better cell coverage translates into a way for users to share their game experience through social media. In addition, the phone itself will not be searching for service which will preserve the battery life of the phone. This will be a major improvement from sharing a nearby neighborhood’s cell service with 80,000 of your fellow fans. More NFL stadiums throughout the league are expected to make upgrades to their cell service by 2015.

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