Andrew Dehydrators available at Launch 3

MR050Launch 3 Telecom continues to offer Andrew dehydrators as a convenience for equipment maintenance. The Andrew dehydrator offers an electronic compressor control module that combines detailed pressure sensing with microprocessor control circuitry to control compressor cycles and deliver system monitoring. It offers an improved substitute to replace bottled nitrogen gas and minimizes the maintenance associated with nitrogen tanks and manually regenerative systems.

The dehydrator does not utilize an internal tank and regulator, but rather frequently causes the changing of air inside the waveguide to guarantee optimal system performance. Moisture is divided from the airstream and vented to the outside.

Dehydrators use automatic pressure sensing and microprocessor control to s and deactivate an air compressor. It only functions when necessary for maintaining pressure for the transmission lines, improving effectiveness, or performing routine maintenance.

The capacity of cellular, broadcast, and microwave systems can now be pressurized with these dehydrators. It achieves this process without the need of bypass kits and ancillary air tanks. The dehydrator provides operational dependability, a technologically cutting-edge drying mechanism, and simple installation.

If you are interested in purchasing an Andrew dehydrator or other cellular, broadcast, and microwave related products, contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134 or email