Newest Andrew Dual-Band Teletilt Antenna: DBXNH-8585A/DBXNH-68585B

dbxnh8585aWith a wide array of antennas on the market, each model offers its own unique and effective way of providing optimal service. Commscope’s modified Andrew DBXNH-8585A antenna is an alteration of previous models such as the Andrew DBXNH-6565A. Launch 3 Telecom is constantly looking to purchase or sell this well-designed DBXNH-8585 model.

Some of the developments made to this model, differentiating this antenna from other antennas such as the Andrew SBNH-1D4545A, Andrew SBNH-1D6565A, and Andrew DBXNH-6565A, are the patented Dipole and Dual-Band technology. In direct contrast to the Andrew DBXNH-6565A, the horizontal beamwidth is at 85 degrees with RET Cable capabilities for extending the range of a remote beam.

Other modifications were made in relation to the environmental worthiness and durability of the design. The RF connectors are manufactured with an IP67 rating which means that this antenna has RF connectors with the strongest protection against dust and water exposure.

The radome is produced with a rating of IP56. The radome rating is slightly below perfection as it has limited protection against dust and low pressure jets of water in all directions.

This Andrew antenna is also available as an Andrew DBXNH-8585B. There are differences such as the “A” radome being built from fiberglass while the “B” is built from PVC. Other differences include a higher wind speed by the “A” model than the “B” model.

This antenna was created to make adjustments in quality, coverage, and capacity. The electrical antenna ranges from 698-896 MHz and 1710-2180MHz which produces an ultra-wideband capability for LTE cellular technology. It has also been developed with enclosed patented dipole technology to isolate positive and negative charges. This helps to maintain the visually appealing appearance of the antenna. It also has 4 connector ports on the bottom section.

Parts that are compatible with this antenna are the DB380, which is a pipe mounting kit with 2 clamp sets and double nuts. Another part is the DB5083, a downtilt mounting kit with a steel downtilt mounting bracket assembly and supplementary hardware.

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