The Dual-Band Teletilt Antenna (DBXNH-6565A/DBXNH-6565B)

t006_r05998_v1The assortments of antennas that are available offer their own variation of different proficiencies. One of the antennas that Launch 3 Telecom is looking to buy or sell is this superbly functional Andrew DBXNH-6565A.

Some of the advances made to this model that make it stand out, compared to other antennas such as Andrew SBNH-1D4545A or Andrew SBNH-1D6565A, are compatibilities. The RF connectors are developed with an IP67 rating and the radome with an IP56 rating. The modifications made are in relation to the environmental worthiness and durability of the design. This means that RF connectors are the strongest they can be protected from dust and the effects of immersion in water to depths between 15cm and 1m. The radome rating is just a notch below as it has limited protection against dust and low pressure jets of water in all directions.

This Andrew antenna is also available as an Andrew DBXNH-6565B. The difference in types is the length of the unit. The “A” measures at 50.9 inches while the “B” measures at 72.7 inches. These antennas are also available as the DBXNH-6565A VTM or the DBXNH-6565A R2M which has variable electrical tilt capability of adjusting each antenna individually.

This antenna is made to make alterations in coverage, quality, and capacity. Comparable to the Andrew SBNH-1D6565A, the horizontal beamwidth is at 65 degrees with RET Cable capability for extending the range of a remote beam and the unit is a Dual Band Teletilt. It includes 4 connector ports on the bottom section of the antenna. It has also been developed with enclosed dipole technology to isolate positive and negative charges as well as offer an aesthetically pleasing, low wind load mechanical package. Furthermore, the electrical antenna ranges from 698-896 MHz and 1710-2180MHz which produces an ultra-wideband capability for LTE cellular technology.

Parts that are included with this antenna are the DB380, which is a pipe mounting kit with 2 clamp sets and double nuts. Another part is the DB5083, a downtilt mounting kit with a steel downtilt mounting bracket assembly and supplementary hardware.

For more information on Andrew equipment such as AntennasRET Cables, and other equipment used in a cell tower build, contact Launch 3 Telecom  at 877-878-9134 or email