Commscope Buys TE Connectivity for $3 Billion

TE_connectivity__Tyco_CommScope, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer, recently agreed to buy part of TE Connectivity for $3 billion, in a bet on consumers’ current need for communicating over data networks.

Commscope makes equipment for wireless operators to strengthen their current networks, as well as connectivity products for data centers. The deal will add to its existing business and help it enlarge throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The sector that Commscope is buying from TE Connectivity will make fiber optic cables and other essential equipment for telecommunications, enterprise and wireless networks.

The arrangement is based off of the framework that controls the age of mobile devices and endless connectivity.  The head of Commscope, Marvin S. Edwards Jr., is hoping to increase its capacity to carry these signals over its networks. He says “Any time you want to talk or communicate, we provide the solutions and products to enable that to happen.”

TE Connectivity did mention that the deal would allow it to focus more on their sensor technology business, especially when it comes to harsh environments, such as the ocean floor or the bottom of a mine.

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