Commscope Partners with 3 to Expand In-Building DAS Presence

commscope-dasIn a market where demand for indoor wireless call and data services is steadily increasing, Commscope has made some significant moves to become a big player in this area. Commscope has recently formed a partnership with 3 companies that already have a proven track record in system integration and DAS work. These companies are Black Box Network Services, DAS Simplified and RF Connect.

What can Commscope expect from these 3 companies? This trio reflects goals that are similar to Commscope in the sense that they can successfully design, commission and optimize a DAS projects from beginning to end. Commscope is looking to expand their presence for indoor DAS and are slowly assembling tiers of teams that could make them a powerhouse.

Meanwhile, these 3 companies will benefit from higher prominence among CommScope customers. By becoming an In-Building Wireless Premier Partner, customers are utilizing system integrators with a successful track record in all facets of DAS. This is not a simple process to attain the level of Premier Partner since systems integrators are not qualified for this title until having a full year enrolled in the Partner Program.

“Many new venue owners who don’t have DAS infrastructure installed are coming to us, kind of recognizing our background in making these systems play correctly,” said Mike Wolfe, director of technical sales at CommScope. “We are educating a lot of them on what DAS can provide to them.”

The need for more Premier Partners will ultimately continue to climb as indoor DAS service becomes more innovative and necessary. It is quite an honor for Black Box Network Services, DAS Simplified and RF Connect to be the inaugural members of the Premier Partners group, however, we can expect that number to grow in the coming years.

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