Cisco Has A New Connection To AT&T

ciscoAT&T’s place as a major carrier causes other companies associated with them to be considered relevant and superior to those with inferior connections.  Cisco has just made a great choice that brings them closer to AT&T, and therefore raises their credibility and popularity.  Cisco has announced that they plan on purchasing Tail-F Systems for almost $200 million.

How will Cisco buying Tail-F Systems connect them to AT&T?  AT&T has been working on a program called Domain 2.0.  One of AT&T’s vendors for this program is Tail-F, which Cisco is buying, therefore connecting Cisco to AT&T.

Major companies are all trying to increase profits, speed up networks, simplify manageability, and improve pre-existing equipment and programs.  Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) both alter the network in different ways in order to get more organized control over it.

However, these methods only go so far.  A problem that neither SDN nor NFV can fix is OSS systems.  Current problems with OSS systems have to do with enhancing and re-programming every time a new device is added.  This is time that companies cannot afford and it becomes a major inconvenience.  Tail-F Systems helps to resolve this problem.

Tail-F’s infrastructure includes one pane of glass for layer 2 to layer 7.  Switches, hardware device, and other appliances are also included.  Overall, Tail-F Systems speeds up operations by bringing together the new innovative technology of today with that of the past, making transitions more efficient.

Cisco will not only gain a connection with AT&T that they did not have before, but they will now have access to the remarkable Tail-F Systems technology that will lead to future success for the company.  It will help older systems keep up with the fast-paced evolution of today’s network technology.

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