Cemetery Cell Tower: 14 Stories High and Six Feet Under

proposedallsaintscelltowerThey say you can’t take everything with you when you die but apparently you can take cellular service to the grave. A cemetery in Delaware along with AT&T has plans to erect a 14-story cell tower that will be disguised as a bell tower. Despite claims that the tower will be built in an underdeveloped area, it has met resistance from nearby residents as well as family members of the deceased.

From the perspective of AT&T and the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, they believe everybody’s feelings were put into consideration. The location of the cell site will be built in an area where no graves would be disturbed. The camouflage as a bell tower would be more visually appealing and it would have a soundtrack that would play bell music. On the whole, AT&T experimented to see how noticeable the tower would be and found that most homes could not see it anyway. The closest home located to the tower would be 650 feet away.

Meanwhile, residents are concerned about a plethora of issues from ruining the sacredness of the cemetery to bringing down the value of their homes. Others cited the cell tower height as an issue and suggested it be moved to Carousel Park.

Nonetheless, AT&T is aware how important cell sites are to meeting the growing demand for wireless service. This would especially assist Delaware as 98% of the state subscribes to wireless service and about 25% of residents have wireless-only homes.

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