Cell Towers taking on Water

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou might take a quick glance and notice an enormous water tower in the skyline. However if you take a closer look, you might just realize that besides being a water source, it may also be a wireless service source too. The demand for 4G LTE has been growing so rapidly that it is hard to construct cell towers at such a swift pace. Service provides become creative with ways to install antennas without causing concern from the general public.

More and more of these towers are becoming a dual source for water and cell towers. Both these structures are essential to quality of life. When both require a very tall structure, it makes perfect sense to combine these 2 towers into one.

The benefits of having a concealment tower disguised as a water tower are the elimination of any potential eyesore that a standard cell tower can create. Despite the change in visual appearance, the RF performance is not impacted adversely by the different layout and remains powerfully operational. The design is also supportive in eliminating structures that may block the antenna’s signal because of the large size of a water tower. In addition, regulations for constructing a water tower are similar in any community or zoning board to that of a cell tower.

There is also the possibility that antennas are added to a pre-existing water tower, depending on the physical measurements of the tower. The common way of applying these antennas to the water towers are through radius antenna concealment panels surrounding or placed on the top of the structure.

There is no restriction to how many carriers can utilize these concealment water towers at the same time. Similar to a normal cell tower, more than one wireless carrier can easily use the same concealment water tower.

Besides disguises as water towers, concealment towers can be inconspicuous in an assortment of other ways such as appearing as trees, cactuses, bell towers, flag poles, clock towers, and other architecture.

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