Canada Courts Investigate Apple’s Deals with Wireless Carriers

apple wireless dealCanada’s antitrust watchdog, the Competition Bureau, has been investigating potential wrong doings by Apple in Canada.  Apparently, Apple has made various deals – and signed contracts – with wireless carriers in Canada, partaking in anti-competitive actions.  In order to set the record straight, Canada courts are asking Apple to hand over their Canadian subsidiary’s documents for the Competition Bureau to look over.

Apple is a large and powerful company in our world, capable of taking advantage of said market power.  The iPhone is desired and used by billions of people across the globe.  While signing contracts with local cell phone carriers in Canada, Apple has been accused of using their bargaining power to convince carriers to indirectly stimulate the sale of iPhones by raising the prices of competitor smartphones.

Apple has 90 days – according to Canada courts – to release their documented agreements with the wireless carriers.  The Competition Bureau has also asked Apple to reverse their offenses and get back on track as the reputable company they always were.  If Apple does not cooperate, Canada courts will most likely take immediate action.  It is not fair for monstrous companies like apple to take over by overusing their market power.

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