AT&T’s New Smart Luggage

imageThe AT&T Smart Luggage can put an end to all issues regarding lost luggage. The Smart Luggage uses a GPS tracker, which one can connect to their suitcase in order to keep track of their luggage. This device connects to a mobile application that allows the owner to keep tabs of their suitcases whereabouts at all times. This new innovation removes all the hassle of trying to pinpoint where your luggage went when it gets lost; it does this by sending notifications to your phone, giving the exact location of where it is. The luggage is able to do that because the GPS tracker on the suitcase sends a signal through a 3G network to your phone, allowing the owner to know where their suitcase is at all times.

Through the application the owner is able to make the tracker light up so it makes the process of finding your luggage easier when it comes onto the carousel with the other suitcases and miscellaneous goods. A good feature of the Smart Luggage is that the tracking device has a long battery life, so whether your luggage got mixed up and sent to another city or taken by someone else by accident; you will always be able to locate your luggage.

The tracking device could resolve this issue but there are several problems that are holding it back from being sold to the public. One major hurdle is the device does not have the approval of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The tracker doesn’t have all the right regulations in order for it to be used during the flight. Another problem is the battery life. Even though it has a long battery life it is not long enough. As of now the device can only last up to three days, and that be an issue if a person loses their luggage while traveling overseas. These might be issues, but AT&T is working on them to make this a stand out product that all travelers can use.

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