Anritsu Introduces a New PIM Product

anritsAnritsu Corporation provides products, technology, and services to locations across the globe.  Their focus is on wireless communication systems, which is why they have recently introduced to the public the MW82119B PIM Master.  This product is a cross between a 40W, battery-operated PIM analyzer and a 2 MHz to 5 GHz cable and antenna analyzer.  It reduces the amount of hardware needed to measure the RF performance of any cell tower location.

This new product’s capabilities include advanced tower and maintenance work, network installation, wireless service providers, and enhanced line sweeping.  The PIM Master has various special features, which include an outdoor viewable 8.4-inch display and a specialized user interface for fieldwork.  It is also water and dust resistant, as well as capable of operating and withstanding shaking and other outdoor testing conditions.  Its accessories are stainless steel in the chassis, and the overall infrastructure is small, condensed, and lightweight.  It stores all data in one spot, helping the product’s’ organization and increasing simplicity for the user.  Since it has limited hardware and a lightweight design, workers can easily carry it up to the top of a cell tower to perform maintenance.  Its design is convenient for everyone.

The PIM Master has a Site Master option, which allows contractors, maintenance workers, and network installers to be able to perform a wide variety of site tests and maintenance.  Its line sweep ability allows it to fully certify any cell tower cable or antenna system.  The MW82119B PIM Master is highly innovative, efficient, and durable.  It can last in various weather and test conditions, as well as complete more tasks than other similar products.  It is the first of its kind.

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