Alcatel-Lucent Sets Sights on Enterprises and Content Providers

alu pic5With a plan towards diversifying customers, Alcatel-Lucent has stepped up their role in edge and core routers. This move is consistent with other prominent manufacturers such as Ericsson and Nokia. The modified approach of equipment distribution will be beneficial in reaching markets for large enterprises and content providers.

While Alcatel-Lucent’s primary focus is in the wireless and service provider market, the push toward routers strengthens their portfolio and creates new opportunities. This creates greater competition for vendors like Cisco and Juniper who have been the leader among router distributors. Google and Facebook could also utilize Alcatel-Lucent as they develop and maintain large computing and data center networks. In addition, the state and federal government make up part of this growing market for them as well.

Better late than never is how things are shaping out for Alcatel-Lucent. They did not even enter this market until 2012. ALU’s revenue has predominately consisted of business with service providers at over 90%. Agreements with HP and Accenture have only reinforced their dedication to this market. Now that they are well-established in this area, it is only fitting that they make a bigger push.

Routers are becoming a more significant aspect of the technology market. This is a great growth opportunity for Alcatel-Lucent as they make their presence more well-known in other markets. As they pursue large enterprises and content providers, one can expect similar success to what they have experienced on the service provider end.

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