ALU and HCL Strike $400 Million Deal

6992_P98WFM6a_o-e1375351434471-600x391Alcatel-Lucent, the top French telecommunications company, has struck up a deal with HCL Technologies of India.  Both are major companies that are known and used worldwide for their services.  This deal, which is to last for seven years, includes the deployment of 2G and 3G support, as well as R&D transfers and development for HCL’s legacy technologies.

Alcatel-Lucent has been focusing on their new Shift Plan, which was started last year.  The company’s goal is to essentially switch their technological focus from being a telecommunications equipment provider to a specialist provider of IP networking and ultra-broadband access.  By making a deal with HCL, they are gaining a fraction of their technologies, which will help them gear the company’s focus to IP networking.

Alcatel-Lucent stated in their report, “As part of an initial three year transition and transformation phase, we are committed to restructuring those activities, which is estimated to cost 29 million. Overall, Alcatel-Lucent is committed, under this agreement, to purchase approximately 297 million (about $400 million) of HCL services until 2021.”

HCL Technologies obviously profits from this deal as well as other agreements they have recently made with various major companies.  Their IT infrastructure and IP networking technology is at the top of the industry and is clearly desired by other companies looking to enhance their services.  Everyone is trying to keep on top with the newest technology while also anticipating what technological innovations the future may bring, preparing as best as possible.

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