Alcatel-Lucent Brings Fiber Optics to Chinese Railways

alu buildingChina Railway just signed a contract with Alcatel-Lucent that will use their technology to upgrade pre-existing rail line networks in Beijing and Nanning Railway Bureaus. The agreement states that Alcatel-Lucent will share its reliable optical transport technology to enhance China railway from operational communications to signaling and video surveillance services. This will ultimately improve the service and safety of China Railway.

Both the Beijing Railway Bureau and the Nanning Railway Bureau will be using Alcatel-Lucent’s top of the line technology. Beijing will be making use of the DWDM optical solution, specifically the 1830 Photonic Service Switch for their third ring route, which connects smaller cities to Beijing. Alcatel-Lucent will help them to reach 10G-speed technology for the route, an improvement from their previous operating system. The Nanning Railway will be deploying Alcatel-Lucent’s multi-service switching as well as enhancing their 200 km communication link that connects Guilin and Liuzhou.

By making use of Alcatel-Lucent’s mission-critical railway operations’ fiber optics, China Railway will have higher-bandwidth communications on the railway that will set China Railway up for a successful future. The Chinese government wants the best railway experience for their citizens, so using Alcatel-Lucent is a great choice to ensure safety and reliability. Not only will China Railways benefit from this agreement, but so will Alcatel-Lucent. Their revenue stream should increase and other Chinese railways will most likely reach out to them when they see their efficient technological results.

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