The SBNH-1D6565A Teletilt Antenna

6565aAntennas are constantly looking to modify their capabilities. This has been achieved in the Andrew SBNH-1D6565A. Launch 3 Telecom is buying or selling this excellent modified Andrew Antenna.

Some of the developments made to this model, compared to the other Andrew SBNH-1D4545A, are advancements in specifications. The horizontal beamwidth is at 65 degrees compared to 45 degrees. Another change is being a Dual Band Teletilt Antenna rather than a Dual Band One Degree of Freedom SmartBeam. It has been developed with interleaved dipole technology to separate positive and negative charges as well as provide an attractive, low wind load mechanical package.

The construction of the antenna has also been built to have smaller dimensions and be lighter weight. The radiator material has been changed to aluminum compared to the brass low loss circuit board that was previously used.

Similar to the SBNH-1D4545A model, the Internal Next Generation Actuator (NGA) removes the need for field installation and defines new standards for reliability. In addition, the electrical antenna ranges from 698-896 MHz and 1710-2180MHz which creates an ultra-wideband capability for LTE cellular technology.

This antenna is also made with RET Cable capability for extending the range of a remote beam. It changes from a single dimension to various magnitudes. With RET capability, the horizontal beamwidth of the antenna is able to be adjusted up to a 65 degree angle in a matter of 30 seconds. The antenna also includes 4 connector ports at the bottom portion of the unit.

This Andrew antenna is also available as a SBNH-1D6565B or a SBNH-1D6565C. The difference in types is the length of the unit. The “A” measures at 50.9 inches while the “B” measures at 72.7 inches and the “C” measures at 96.4 inches.

Some parts that are compatible with this antenna include the DB380, which is a pipe mounting kit with 2 clamp sets and double nuts. Another part is the DB5083, a downtilt mounting kit with a steel downtilt mounting bracket assembly and supplementary hardware.

This antenna is made to modify coverage, quality, and capacity improvements. The Andrew SBNH-1D6565A was built to replace the older model, which is the Andrew Andrew SBNH-1D4545A.

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