10th Cell Tower Victim in 2014

ham radioThere is no denying that a job that requires you to climb hundreds of feet is considered dangerous. In Chippewa County, Wisconsin, a tower climber fell from a 100 foot cell tower and passed away. This became the 10th cell tower climber fatality to occur in 2014.

The man was performing maintenance work on the ham radio tower at the time of the accident. He would suffer a fall of approximately 80 feet. Despite wearing the appropriate harness and safety gear, he was not using them at the time of his fall. There are some climbers that feel comfortable enough to climb without securing themselves. This is how injuries and deaths like this end up occurring.

Situations like these always tend to call safety measures into light. Unfortunately, this accident could have been avoided. OSHA sets strict guidelines in order to protect tower climbers and ensure their safety. However, if climbers do not follow this protocol, there is not much else they can do.

“When we use it for years, we get a little lax about using the equipment,” Chippewa County Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk said. “It’s safety equipment for a reason. If he had used it, we wouldn’t be investigating an accidental death.”

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